I did it. After months of denying myself, I actually got in my power boat and deliberatly went to visit with the dolphins in the Navesink.

I am on the twin rivers alot but have intentionally avoided the scene out of respect for these wonderful creatures.
All the media hype was a real turnoff to me and inside me somewhere was a feeling that I didn’t want to be a part of this in any way.

As an ecotour kayak guide, offering trips on the Navesink, I was asked many times to do a Flipper tour and refused.
Sure, Kayaks are the ideal way of seeing them, but there was no way I was doing that regardless of the economy and lack of money in my pocket.

This past Saturday I witnessed first hand how the dolphins completely ignore all the kayaks, jet skis, and power boats that are right on top of them. There are so many bunker (aka Menhaden=large oily forage fish) to eat, they could care less about all the people and watercraft.
Most of the spectators stayed at a safe distance from them and there was alot of respect given by all. There was no law enforcement or “dolphin police” to speak of. We were all on the honor system.
Sure a couple of times they swam really close to the kayaks in the water
but that was only because the kayaks were on top of the bait fish they were eating.
The talk has been and is intensifying about saving them, and get them out of the river before winter comes.

I am thinking that when the bunker go, so will they, right out to sea.I really dont think they will make a right turn down the Shrewsbury as they did years back.
Sure humans could step in now, line up a bunch of boats with long pipes in the water and bang away like they do in Japan (before they harvest them for water parks and or slaughter them for dinner)
But the dolphin will come right back and feast like they have been doing since June.

This would have to be done to coincide with the water temperature drop and the annual flush of the bunker out of the river. Right now, there are simply too many bunker in the river for them to leave behind.

In my opinion, this seems like it is a different scenario this time. Last time they thought they were migrating south but didn’t realize they were at the end of the Shrewsbury river and perished under the ice.

This time, they seem to have taken up residence and have selected the Nav to feed in. I do hope and believe that they will follow the food out to sea.
Only time will tell.