Sunday, 5:30pm these guys are out looking for that last fish before Raritan Bay becomes unfishable.

Despite the mandatory evacuations being ordered across practically every low-lying coastal area in the state, some die-hard fishermen will not give up until they are literally swept away by the storm. With increasing winds paired with the incoming tide, this jetti, located in Raritan Bay, was only about two hours away from being underwater.

Ideal Beach one day before Hurricane Sandy

Raritan Bay beach two hours before high tide on Sunday, 5:30pm.

To put things into perspective, this is a Raritan Bay beach, or what was left of it, a day before the hurricane will actually make landfall, and still two hours before the high tide. Monday around the same time, I will not be able to stand in this spot to get another shot, and I’m doubting that the dunes will manage to keep all of the water back.