Just back from Montauk Point, Long Island, New York, an incredible journey, true spectacle of nature and very unique angling insanity. Massive schools of 8 -15 pound striped bass swimming along the surface with mouths gaped open and inhaling the tiniest bay anchovies Ive ever seen.False Albacore darting in and out of the schools and not a bluefish in sight. All this happening under dozens of boats fighting to get a cast into or near the schools. The word MAYHEM comes to mind.
Largest Albie we caught was 8 lbs on the Boga Grip. He ate an odd fly, a bright chartruese clouser, that didnt look at all like the micro baits they were feeding on. Hmmmm.
 Blogger Paul releasing a 34″ striper caught on super heavy sinking line just outside of the Montauk Point rip. Dredging a bunker fly seemed to be the only way to catch a larger bass. The charter boats out there were busy trolling very large parachute jigs and catching them nearby.
Another healthy fattie eager to gulp a fly
Fly Angler George Shave with just one of dozens of False Albacore caught and release on the fly. Intermediate lines with a 9 foot 12lb leader tied to the smallest epoxy flies
trimmed down to a nub.
Cant wait until next year!!