Time flies after you’ve been broadsided by one of the largest natural disasters to hit the New Jersey coastline in over five decades.  Hurricane Sandy, or officially called “Superstorm Sandy”, came ashore just south of Long Beach Island and busted the hell out of our homes, businesses and natural coastal defenses.  The loss of life and property perpetuated by this storm are mind blowing.  Now, three months, hundreds of lives and billions of dollars later, the State of New Jersey and its residents are just beginning to salt out the final effects of this colossal event.IBSP2010-1Those of us who fish the mid-New Jersey coastline tend to be familiar with one of our brighter local jewels, Island Beach State Park, which is managed by New Jersey Parks and Forestry, a division of NJDEP.  IBSP took a heavy punch from Sandy.  Amazingly, due to its natural and well managed dune structures, the park sustained only minor damage to its infrastructure when compared to the grossly over developed beachfront communities located only a few miles north and south of its boundaries.

Here are a few links to learn more about how IBSP fared during and after Superstorm Sandy.



Please feel free to share your experiences of fishing on Island Beach State Park, both pre and post Sandy, so that we can learn more about this important place and how it will continue to flourish.

Tight Lines and Safe Voyages,

Jeff Weiss