While sometimes you hear stories which make you call BS the stories that come out of Sandy, even if they are half true, makes one have second thoughts about being the first one in the water this year.  Below are a few of the more notable stories which I have heard while bending my arm at my favorite watering hole.  Even if they aren’t true, they still all have a common theme…be cautious out there.

  • A friend of a friend was running 7 miles off of Manasquan Inlet.  Abruptly he felt something catch in one of his props and his port engine stalled.  He jumped overboard to free the entanglement and found a large black cable twirled around one of his wheels.  After a few minutes of cutting and untangling he freed his prop and jumped back on board handing the thick black cord to his buddy.  As his buddy begins to pull in the excess cord, he realized there is something on the other end of the line.  After some pulling up out of the deep, up pops the top half of a telephone pole.
  • Another guy was now 10 miles off and running at dusk several days after Sandy hit.  He again runs over something and jumps overboard to free the entanglement up.  What he see is an absolute mess of wires and cord such that his only option is to be towed.  He gets towed in and does a short haul.  As much as the marina can tell, he ran over a mattress.  What he has entangled in his prop is a mess of cloth, elastic and tons of large springs.
  • The final story is more recent.  A guy is taking his 42 Post up the Point Pleasant Canal just a few weeks ago for a short haut to have his bottom blasted and painted.  He doesn’t make it.  In the canal he hits something and loses a rudder and prop.
  • Other stories are less exciting.  I am hearing refrigerators and washers and dryers are all over Barnegat Bay.  This seems to be true as these things did float around my house for a few hours before filling up enough to “sink”.    I am also hearing from divers that the 60 ft wrecks are now exposed.  The further offshore wrecks seem to have been relatively unaffected.

So I guess in short, be safe out there this year especially if you are in the bay.  I see what is being pulled out of there and to me, the fact that as of several weeks ago the house off of Bay Head was still in my favorite crab hole doesn’t bode well that this is well in hand.  In fact, from what I see in my town, this is going to take years, but I do think it will come back a lot better.  Sandy did a good job of tearing through some red tape and for that there is a bright side to all of this .

Tight Lines,