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Blog by By Capt. Brian Rice

The past few weekends have kept me busy at the Suffern and Somerset shows with one of my sponsors: Shimano! Although the Suffern show was a bit light in terms of attendance the Somerset NJ Saltwater show was PACKED!!!!!! I have never seen as many people at any show as I did last Saturday. I am hoping that this is an indication of good things to come It was great to see and it was awesome to get to speak with some old and new friends at the shows. Not only was there record attendance but people were buying new gear which was a pleasant surprise to me as well as others that I spoke with at the show. I am sure most of you are having a case of cabin fever by about now (I know I am) so what should we do about it? I have been busy going through all my gear including: nets, reels, rods, plugs and making sure everything is ready to go. Changing hooks on plugs and spoons as well as changing leaders and snaps for all my bass trolling gear (we troll Stretch 25 plugs from April-May).

iFish_3-30-12_Rice 015 I am also mending cast nets and have decided to get some new ones from my friend Charlie at East Coast nets which I will use later in the season because I’m worried about all the debris in the bay and rivers. So I suggest using your old nets early in the season so as to not tear up your new nets. I am also worried about running up and down the rivers but I am hearing that the channels have been assessed and seem to be clear but I am still going to take my time heading out of my river and through the bay.

Capt. Brian Rice

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