What the heck is MRIP?

MRIP / News

NOAA heard our cry for fisheries management data that is based upon sound science and angler input. Not just another acronym that anglers need to know, but the Marine Recreational Information Program is something we all need to acknowledge and be a part of. If you are an angler that is concerned about the way our fish are being managed and regulated, and would like to be a pro active part of the solution, then listen up. Recently, the folks from the Washington D.C. office of NOAA reached out to a handful of Jersey anglers to get feedback on improving the way they collect and report data. And I am glad they are asking us up front, because there are an estimated 15 million saltwater anglers taking 100 million fishing trips per year! We clearly have the power to influence the way catch data is collected and fish stocks are assessed. Up to this point, recreational fisherman have played a major role in developing and implementing the MRIP process. The MRIP team includes charter boat operato... Read More »